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The Secret of Eternity

I wrote "The Secret of Eternity" to share. While teaching and meeting people from various backgrounds, a common question arose in some seeker's minds about the difference between absolute and relative reality. One of the main motivations behind writing this book was to clarify this. Above all, this book is written as a heart felt invitation to enjoy the fullness of 'being'.

Extract from the Book

After a glimpse of eternity, something shifts inside. We are in touch with a profound intelligence in this deep space of being.
Divine law now informs us that we need to remain true to what we know. It is a fact that the only real law is one that is omniscient, immutable and indivisible. To remain at one with this law, our attention needs to stay simply and fully on the present. Our spiritual nature cannot question the unquestionable.

In divine mind all is profoundly simple and undeniable. If we could live in this transcendental realm, unaffected by the winds of changing fortune, then we would really know that we are spiritually endowed. The law of creation as a form of perfection does not require the use of any relative ideas to convince us of anything.

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Forthcoming books are: ‘Now Accelerated’ which has been described as a spiritual manual for both seekers and teachers and his autobiography ’Unthinkable Bliss’ is a passionate description of the spiritual process.

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