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Thank you so much for The Secret of Eternity. It is a beautiful invitation and divine gift.

Jeanette ( healer)

After being a little confused in the earlier stages of the awakening process about the truths explained by so many teachers of various different traditions and backgrounds......Peter's book stopped me conceptualising and theorising enlightenment.

In some unusual way, it made everything clear, and I stopped trying to understand the differences between the absolute and relative realms of existence.

His writings gave me an unusual freedom to just be, in a way that I had not experienced before. It simplified everything, and I finally ceased using my mind to try and understand the awakening process.

PeterJi's book is a wonderful guide for anyone interested in finding the truth that lies within.

Celia Roberts Bsc Brisbane, QLD
Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner

Spiritual teacher PeterJi writes from a profound and deeply probing space, inviting us all to take up the challenge of actualising the awakened life here and now.

Focussing on how to discern between absolute and relative reality, PeterJi assists us through the stages of awakening, dropping the “seeker” label to allow for the Universal Consciousness to take hold.

The Secret of Eternity is a spiritual guidebook offering many signposts for the deepening and awakening to take place within our selves in this important period of planetary transformation. In his own words, we are called to action: “The number of awakened beings has to radically increase to shift the balance of power on the planet from where it is right now.

Leo Drioli - Editor InnerSelf Newspaper Australia, November 2009

A new order is at hand. It is PeterJi who offers us a glimpse into what this new order will look like. When we can exist in total spirit, as surely we shall, we will then be The Secret of Eternity. Meanwhile, we have a cosmic curriculum from which to bring ourselves and fellow seekers into this grand fullness. Such is the value, such is the work we are now entrusted with as a result of this gift.

Dr Robert McTyre, Jackson, Michigan USA

Thank you for The Secret of Eternity a wonderful reminder and how to guide which rang with Truth and Wisdom....and lots of Aha moments! A must for the spiritually inquisitive or more advanced soul!

Katrina Farnham


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