Real enlightenment is a space within where it is possible to disappear so far into ‘being’, that the mind ceases altogether and rests in stillness. This is the Samadhi state. We will only know this realisation when we know, and any belief or trust in what anyone else says will not matter. Here is my definition of the fully awakened state:

water dropletEnlightenment is an unending creativity that brings the nothingness within everything to life now.

Whichever path we travel, spirituality is about containing higher levels of energy. Its culmination, which is God realisation, is to know that all things are beyond existence and evolving perfectly within a divine and endless creation. The enlightened view is simply a quantum shift from looking for what is out there as an experience, to seeing it from in here, as the source of the experience.

Knowledge is not the foundation of enlightenment; enlightenment is the foundation of real knowledge. Awakening is a three-fold process moving from ignorance, to knowledge and finally to enlightenment. It requires information to get from ignorance to knowledge but it is energy that transforms one’s body/mind into a state of full Samadhi. This state is beyond the realm of one’s most vivid imagination; its silence is unending.


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