Private sessions with Peterji.peterji and student

Every one of us is a unique spark of divine consciousness . While the path to liberation is universal, the journey and timing for each one of us to take the steps to real freedom is unique.
Peter Ji offers private counsel to people from all walks of life that wish to incorporate love and truth into their daily lives. Private sessions can be arranged by appointment. You can also meet PeterJi online via Skype.
After your initial talk with him, you may like to proceed with more regular contact by embarking on coaching for your meditation and spiritual practice. To enquire, click here.


Periodically Peterji offers non-residential one/two day events or residential three/seven day retreats. This accelerates spiritual awakening and assists people to experience insight into the reality of the body/mind process.

The residential programme consists of early morning meditations, breakfast, walking and sitting meditations till the lunch and rest break. This is followed by individual consultation with the teacher, sitting and walking meditations, an evening meal break, discourse and further practice.

The venue is always in beautiful surroundings with supportive staff to facilitate a holisitic healing experience.

Private rooms are usually available in addition to dormitory accommodation, depending on the location of the retreat.april walking

Meditation room and the public areas are non-segregated during the retreat.
Food is vegetarian and where possible sourced from organic farms. Dairy, sugar and wheat free alternatives are available.

Guidance is appropriately structured for beginners or advanced meditation practitioners. Everyone has daily private time with PeterJi, which helps each person to finely tune his or her meditation practice. PeterJi also sits in silence with the group during the programme, to assist the transmission of spiritual energy.

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