I have been sitting with Peter at various times and at different intensities over the last dozen or so years.  I find his offerings are a wonderful adjunct to the work I offer.  There is nothing so illuminating as the mind finally seeing itself in operation.  And there is nothing so soothing as when the mind finally finds itself at rest.
Peter has been teaching meditation and demonstrating the embodiment of awakened awareness for many years.  He has a very clean and down to earth approach that gives testimony to his depth of presence.  By that I mean, he speaks from genuine unity consciousness, rather than talking as the watcher, of a secondary thing called unity consciousness.  Simple, honest and profoundly human, PeterJi offers those who are interested, an insight into what is; beyond discussion, beyond desire, beyond disappointment, beyond the separation of self and other.
Peter’s teaching has had a profound impact on both Melinda’s and my lives, bringing us great joy and ease.
I hope you take this opportunity to experience Peter’s teaching.  It may not be your cup of tea, and then again, it just may be your heaven-sent nectar.

Don Adlam (Integral)

When I met PeterJi I instantly recognised that I was speaking to someone who knew. PeterJi reflected the truth to me in living form; the truth I am. Although my spiritual process continues, I am now at peace, and know what it’s all about. PeterJi’s ability to put the most profound things into simple words is invaluable. It is his presence though, which has had the greatest effect on people. Many have found their lives deeply enriched through meeting this man.

Wayne (now a teacher on love)

I remember the first moment I became aware of the power of PeterJi’s presence. I had been to a couple of his meditation evenings, and had felt some stillness and clarity. Then one evening I was saying goodbye to him and his wife, and I looked at him and something happened, something clicked. I felt as though I had never really looked at anyone before. I had this uncanny feeling that I had known him all my life, I just kept looking, trying to remember. My mind stopped and I was very still, very happy and peaceful. I knew then that I wanted more of this – whatever it was. I felt drawn to spending more time with PeterJi, and have become more sensitive to the effect of his presence. Sometimes I feel so bewildered by his energy that I can’t take my eyes from him, and want to saturate myself with this energy and love. I’m aware that although the energy I feel when I’m near PeterJi or when he looks a me, seems to come from his body, it is not actually ‘his’ in the personal sense. It is as if life is expressing itself through him, using his body. I feel love for PeterJi on the personal level, but I also feel an overwhelming gratitude to life for giving me this opportunity, to experience love in its purity, free from the mind.

Linda (now a meditation teacher)

When I enrolled for a five-day retreat with PeterJi, it was purely on the strength of a photo I had seen of him. His face caught my attention and held it. I not only thought, “what an amazing opportunity; to be in the presence of an enlightened being,” but “what would it be like?”

So I found out…and it was deeper than amazing. He took me to a place in myself where I knew ‘all was possible’. I felt him speaking from a place I’d only ever heard others attempt to describe from educated guesses. Sitting in his presence, having the freedom to ask questions on any level was a wonderfully enriching experience. I enjoyed his lightness and at times boyish innocence, accompanied by a wisdom that kept guiding me back to the ‘bottom line’ truth. At times, I’d feel love rising within me out of nowhere… just because.

During the times of stillness though, I experienced what was for me most poignant. It was as if his presence simply silenced my mind. I found myself going into the depths of meditation I hadn’t known before.

At the end of each day I’d feel a deep contentment and peace. It was simply a blessing to have been there.


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