Who am I?

I am consciousness
I appear in form and yet I am beyond all form
I am the light body, the mystic being
I am solid, liquid and ether
I am hard and soft, heat and coolness, the pulsing serpent
I am the green grass and the blue sky, the ants that crawl
I am the empty wooden chair sitting in the garden
I’m electrical, chemical and bio-energetic
I’m infinite space, balanced synchronicity and zero point
I am man and woman, the cube and sphere
I am love, I’m light and darkness too, I encompass all
I’m joy and beauty and compassionate tears
I am night and day, sun and moon, both yin and yang
I am the face of God hiding in the crowd, you and me everywhere
I am all and I am nothing, stillness pervading
I’m pure spirit, tethered to a world that is governed by anything but spirit
I’m the cosmic mirror of life as it happens, the silent equilibrium of the universe
I am the innocence of the child; I don’t need to know
I am surrendered
into the divine mystery; I am free.


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