meditationMeditation is a metaphysical science, a gateway to profound states of wellbeing. It is important to recognise why we would desire to experience the meditative process. For some it may be to realise the transcendental; for others it may be to overcome habitual patterns, reduce anxiety levels or ease depression. Our intention is therefore crucial in determining what we may desire from this practice.

Meditation is a valid path to deprogram the mind and re-establish the power and innocence of being. To come to this recognition, meditative practice usually has to be deepened in a disciplined way over a substantial period of time. It is a continual process of being more conscious of everything that has made us unconscious and habitual especially, in the way we see our world. As our awareness matures, the brain realigns itself into a relaxed and conducive state allowing us to identify things in our life that have held us back. Addictive behavioural patterns such as alcoholism, drug dependence, sexual obsessions and other imbalances tend to lessen in time, or disappear completely. Likewise various mental and emotional distractions that once disturbed us may begin to leave. When these unconscious programmes are released, we can create our lives from a new perspective.meditate 2

Growing scientific evidence suggests that meditation has a profound effect on the brain. It slows down the beta waves and creates the beginning of the alpha rhythm. This level has been associated with increased awareness and function. As meditation progresses, slower theta and delta waves develop, signifying deeper states of relaxation. In these states the brain is producing a lot of neuro-chemicals including endorphins that create a sense of greater wellbeing. During meditation the two sides of the brain become more synchronised and integrated. The outcome is balanced, whole-brain functioning. Thus the creative intelligence needed for higher pursuits becomes active and the brain stem that passes information between the two sides becomes more efficient. This creates a synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres and brings a deepening awareness of being. It is the enlightened state that brings the brain‘s full potential to life. The entire body/mind eventually becomes purified and energised as a natural consequence of the meditative journey.

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